The Kwazi Krusade has begun !

Day 1: We have arrived…safely! The journey, however, was eventful. After smuggling extra resources into our luggage, once they’d already been weighed (Jamie Aitken we’re looking at you), we were on our way! Six and half hours to Dubai was nothing, especially for Amy who was solely focused on the ‘Haagen Dazs’ ice-cream she was going to buy the second she got off the plane, or so she thought. We spent the best part of an hour, at FOUR in the morning, trolling through Dubai airport, in search of this ice-cream. Then it was time for round two- Dubai to Durban! With Amy and her two scoops in tow, we were ready to board.

Leaving Glasgow

Leaving Glasgow

Day 2: We arrived in Durban to be met by the sun and warmth. During the flight a man had kindly gifted us some Chinese tea, however it never made it past customs- Mrs G suggested that we bin it (just in case.) It was only a short 2 hours until we reached Mtubatuba. The scenery was a big change from Glasgow; instead of the urban sights we are used to there were  stretches of greenery, with clusters of settlements amongst the hills. After a long day travelling we finally reached our accommodation to be greeted by our welcoming hosts. A short while later it was time for bed. Mrs Gilchrist couldn’t wait to get some sleep and while Jill slept all through the night, Amy had only one hour! (Maybe due to the lack of Haagen Dazs.)

View of Durban !

View of Durban !

Day 3: Sunday was spent relaxing and preparing for school! We couldn’t wait to meet everyone in Ikusasalethu High School and were excited for the next day. It was extremely hot on Sunday (for all you Scottish folk, we could not believe that were able to sit outside IN FEBRUARY and not get frost bite) however, being outdoors did come with its consequences, especially for Mrs G. She was standing minding her own business as a palm branch the size of a small tree came hurtling towards her. Luckily no Gilchrists were harmed in the shedding of this tree! The rest of the day was quiet in comparison to this. However, the evening was full of excitement as we were introduced to 8 of the teachers from the High School over dinner. It was really nice to meet them and get to know them before our first day. After this we went straight to bed in preparation for our early rise at 6! (that’s right Stonelaw pupils) For some getting up was more than a struggle, no names mentioned…Jill!!!!!!

Go-Go Gilchrist struck by branch

Go-Go Gilchrist

The first supper

The first supper


About Kwazi Krusade

We are high-school pupils in our final year at school and feel very lucky to have the amazing opportunity to travel to our partnership school in South Africa for two weeks of learning and teaching. We can't wait to make new friends and experience a new culture. This blog will document our time there, so watch out for posts and pictures. Thanks y'all :)
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