“No stress, No stress!”

Day 6: Another early start to a long and enjoyable day at school. School here starts at quarter past seven and ends at quarter past two so by Wednesday we were all in the swing of things….kind of. We began the day in a Grade eight, English class (first years in Scotland.) They were learning about synonyms, something which we had forgotten! The class was very large, with over 70 pupils- a big difference to classes in Scotland. However, everyone took part in the lesson, giving examples and sharing ideas. There aren’t a lot of resources available in the classrooms so many of the lessons are ‘chalk and talk.’ Each classroom has a blackboard on which the teacher writes up the lesson and then the pupils copy this into their exercise books. Despite this lack of resources, the pupils remain optimistic in their learning and we saw this particularly in the Grade eight class, as each of the pupils was keen to volunteer answers and ask for help. We were even invited to mark some of the pupils’ jotters and were amazed at how neat they were and how accurate their English was. At the end of the lesson, pupils asked us to “autograph” their work and even their arms (good thing we didn’t use permanent markers!)


The afternoon was spent with the older grades. We accompanied Mrs. Aitken to a Grade eleven class. They were in the middle of writing an essay entitled ‘Dare to Dream.’ We really enjoyed listening to the techniques they use for writing and were impressed with the high standard of English. We can’t imagine how difficult it must be to write fluently in a completely different language.

After school some more of the teachers took us to visit the Crocodile Centre and St Lucia Beach!


The kissing crocs

The kissing crocs

Poolside Glamour

Poolside Glamour

Our family

Our family


About Kwazi Krusade

We are high-school pupils in our final year at school and feel very lucky to have the amazing opportunity to travel to our partnership school in South Africa for two weeks of learning and teaching. We can't wait to make new friends and experience a new culture. This blog will document our time there, so watch out for posts and pictures. Thanks y'all :)
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One Response to “No stress, No stress!”

  1. Mr A Russell says:

    Good to hear you are safe and well and having a productive time. Classes of 70 sends a shiver up my spine! Good luck for the rest of the week. Mr R.

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