Motivation is the key to success!

Day 8: Friday began on an uplifting note. Mrs Aitken delivered a speech to a tenth grade English class on the benefits of being motivated in school. She explained to us all, the importance of getting a good education and working hard at school in order to have a bright future. After having spent a week in the school, it is clear that life in South Africa can be very difficult for many of the learners. They do not have all of the luxuries that we are so lucky to have in Scotland and many pupils don’t have a lot of support. Mrs Aitken emphasised the need to remain hopeful and to have high goals for yourself, particularly in school as this can benefit you in the long term. A good education now can prepare you for a brighter future.


Board decorated by Thokozani- a good backdrop for the lesson!

Main Motivator

Main Motivator

It is clear from the care that the pupils at Ikusasalethu put into their work that they are keen to work hard and be successful. Mrs Aitken explained that school is important for every child no matter where you come from.



For the remainder of the periods that day, it was Jill’s turn to teach. She took three of Mrs Gilchrist’s English classes who are working on a joint Global Partnership project, ‘Inspire, Aspire.’ For this, Jill had to speak about her favourite fictional character and explain to the classes why she chose this particular character. She decided to discuss Atticus Finch from ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ and explained some of the qualities that he has which make him admirable, in her opinion, stating things such as his persistence in helping the innocent people of his town, his caring attitude towards his family or his loyalty to his own morals. Jill then went on to link this to why these qualities make a character inspirational. The classes then had to think up their own ideas whilst we went round offering advice and listened to ideas. Jill then gave them homework for Monday- it was the learners turn to write about a character who inspired them.

Mama G here: Just want to add that Jill was an excellent teacher; the learners were really engrossed in her lesson.





Another great day and another early night!


About Kwazi Krusade

We are high-school pupils in our final year at school and feel very lucky to have the amazing opportunity to travel to our partnership school in South Africa for two weeks of learning and teaching. We can't wait to make new friends and experience a new culture. This blog will document our time there, so watch out for posts and pictures. Thanks y'all :)
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