Violence Against Women And Children -Mzwakhe Mbuli

Mzwakhe Mbuli is known as ‘the people’s poet’ and his poem was also used in the gender respect lessons. It summarised the messages which the lessons conveyed.

Life is a fragile privilege
Life is God’s gift to humanity
Life is a journey enjoy the ride
Yes life is a mission to be fulfilled
Children are a blessing from God
They are innocent and vulnerable
Children must be nurtured and
Cherished like treasure
They are a jewel to be cushioned
Vumelani abantwana beze kimi
Women are caregivers by nature
They need protection and respect
Women are often abused and killed
By men who claim to love them
Women are no punching bags
They need love and support
Wathintabafazi wathinti mbokodo
Abused children become future abusers
Abusive conduct is a violation of Ubuntu
Child rape is barbaric period
Eradication of respect dehumanizes
Amadoda azihlukumezelani ingane ezincane
Violence against women and children is inhuman
Violence against women and children is taboo
Violence against women and children is unafrican
Violence against women and children is ungodly
Violence against women and children is unconstitutional
Phansi nge ndluzula
Phansi ngo dlame
Abusers are devil’s ambassadors on earth
They are home grown homemade monsters
They undermine our hard earned democracy
Abusers are like a dream gone wrong
Bagwemeni ongom’ uyayona
Real men don’t confront but communicate
Real men don’t eliminate but empower
Real men don’t intimidate but inspire
Real men don’t kill but instil kindness
Real men don’t rape but recapture the moral high ground
Real men promote romance, roses and respect
Real men don’t terrorize but offer tender care
Qaphelani Amadoda mbumbulu
Humanity say No to animals who masquerade as human beings
Say No to molestation, murder and mutilation
Say No to viciousness, vilification and violence
God bless Women and Children of Africa and the World

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